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Porthgain Cottage

To Book - Telephone 07791 401914

Well appointed holiday cottage in the harbour village of Porthgain available for weekly lets. For availability click here.

2nd bedroom kitchen



view of cottage

Two bedroom bungalow. Sleeps four. Approximately 200 metres from the harbour, 150 metres from the Sloop Inn. Nearby parking for one car.

The bungalow has one double room and one twin. There is a television (with satellite) in each bedroom as well as the lounge. The kitchen has a washing machine, electric oven, grill and microwave. There is no garden, however there is an outside seating area in front of the cottage, which is south facing. Please note, this property doesn't have a bath, however there is an excellent shower. Weekly Change over is on a Saturday.

Things to do:
Porthgain is right on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path with Traethllyfyn Beach (a usually quiet beautiful sandy beach only accessed by foot) just half an hours walk away. Porthgain is also a fantastic village for children and teenagers, our children now 23 and 22 have grown up here and have always been very easy to amuse - it is a magnet to other local children too. There is a large village green which constantly has either cricket or football or rounders on the go on summer evenings and it a complete free for all with all age groups - adults included and even the odd talented dog joining in! While the more energetic members of the family are burning off some energy there are - in the village - 2 eating establishments: The Sloop Inn and the Shed both with outside seating and also 2 art galleries.
fishing from quay wall
Fishing is another popular activity, either off the quay wall or further along the headland towards traethllyfyn. People do occasionally swim in the harbour and when the tide is high there are sometimes older children jumping off the quay wall - for the not too faint hearted (at your own risk) which is quite amusing to watch.

Further afield there is plenty of surfing at any beach, (of which Pembrokeshire has many) but Whitesands is one of the more popular beaches for those who like the bigger surf. There are boat trips bookable from St Davids (6 miles away) see useful links or of course just keep it simple and relax, go rock pooling or build sandcastles!
A lot of people like to see the countryside by bike and I have noticed the roads seem to have more and more cyclists as the years go by.
There are several horse riding establishments - Llanwnda at Strumble Head Goodwick, where you can ride out onto the coastal bridleways or if you fancy a dip Nolton Riding School at NoltonHaven cater for beach hacks.

The above are just a few suggestions, but by starting your excursions from Porthgain you will not be disappointed - it is an absolute gem. Porthgain

It is worth adding that "out of season" breaks are well worth considering - the rugged coast is truly spectacular in stormy weather and in Porthgain the waves come right over the quay wall in high winds and the beaches in winter are just as beautiful and of course much quieter... For children who just won't stay out of the water, wet suits are an option and again they seem to be more and more popular, because even in warm weather it means you can play for longer - all day if you wish!

Pricing and Availability

Pricing Key (X = Booked)
£500 £510 £540 £570 £640 £695

Porthgain Cottage is now available from April until the end of September.

To book, please call Jenny on 07791 401914, if no signal leave a message and she will get back to you.

Short Break Prices for 4 nights 80% of listed price
Short Break Prices for 3 nights 65% of listed price
Subject to Availability

Offers for 2018:
5% Reduction from list price for customers who visited Porthgain Cottage in 2017
5% Reduction from list price for customers staying for 2 weeks or more
Prices include power. Bedding and towels provided for use in the cottage only.

1 Dog is allowed by arrangement only, at £10.00 per week

New for 2018: Improved Wifi, King Size Bed, Sofas

New for 2017: Single Beds & Double Mattress, Oven

New for 2016: Two rooms decorated

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